If you're looking for a unique way to promote your work as a stand-up comedian, you can make a documentary. It will give your fans a more personal take on what you do as a comedian. If you follow these rules, this documentary will have the effect you're looking for.

Tell a Story

In order to make sure your stand-up documentary makes sense from a thematic standpoint, you want to try telling a story. It's going to be about comedy, but you want to be even more specific. Then you'll have more organization throughout this development process.

For instance, you might want to focus your documentary on the trials and tribulations of working in this industry or show fans how you make jokes that end up being successful. Just try to be specific and to the point with your message so that it comes across the right way to your audience.

Find a Crew Experienced With Making Documentaries

If you want this stand-up documentary to be taken seriously by your audience and have a meaningful impact, then it needs to be shot in a professional way. That's possible if you try to find an experienced company that makes stand-up documentaries regularly.

They'll already have access to the right equipment, know how to put shots together well, and give you guidance when being filmed. All of these things can contribute to a cohesive stand-up comedy documentary that has mass appeal. 

Shoot From Multiple Angles

One thing you want to do when shooting a stand-up documentary is capture multiple angles of the same shot or scene. Then you can tell a story in a more dynamic way, which is key for keeping your audience engaged the entire time.

They're not going to get used to the same shots and thus lose attention but rather stay engaged because you're shooting this documentary in novel ways on a consistent basis. You'll just need to take direction from the production crew and have them suggest angles that they think are appropriate based on the subject matter you're talking about and the overall tones they involve.

If you're looking to take your stand-up comedy career to another level, you can shoot a documentary and then let people into your personal life more. As long as you put a lot of effort into shooting this documentary and get the right professional advice, you can have success and grow your audience in a compelling way.

Contact a professional if you are interested in making a stand-up comedy documentary.