Movie theaters have a fixed number of seats and screens, which can make it difficult to come up with ways to increase profits. This is especially true for popular theaters that are typically full for each showing. If you want to increase revenues for your theater, there are many upselling ideas you can use to boost sales and profits. Here are just a few ideas you can put to work in your theater.

DVD And Blu-Ray Sales

You won't be able to offer a new release for sale on DVD or Blu-Ray, but you can sell related titles as a way to upsell each movie. If the film you are screening is part of a franchise, consider selling the first movies from the series so customers can buy them and watch them at home. For films that are based off of classic TV shows, consider selling the complete TV series on Blu-Ray or DVD. You can also get creative and sell movies and complete TV series sets starring one of the stars in each film you screen. Place the display stands for the DVDs near the entrance to each theater so customers can browse before and after the movie.

Concession Stand Freebies

While raising the prices of foods at your concession stands may not be popular, you can increase revenues at your concession stand with thoughtful free gifts. Create snack combo packs, such as popcorn, soda and a box of candy, and add in a promotional toy or giveaway from the movies you are screening. You can charge extra for the combo pack featuring the freebie, and offer the combo without the free giveaway at a slightly lower price. You can also create combo snacks for kids with smaller portion sizes that come with coloring books or activity packs to keep them occupied as they wait for their movies to begin.

Build An Arcade

If you have room in the lobby, consider adding video games to create an arcade. This offers a place for young kids to expend some energy before they sit down for a two-hour movie, and it offers a chance to bring in additional revenue. Depending on how much space you have, you can rotate in games based on movies you are screening as a way to build buzz about new releases. You can also opt for redemption games, which give players tickets they can cash in for prizes. This type of game motivates people to linger longer and play more to win a better prize. You will need to create a prize counter and staff it so people can cash in their game tickets, so be sure you already have the employees available before trying this type of arcade setup. Creating an arcade also gives people a reason to visit, buy concessions and spend money, even if they aren't seeing a movie.

Upselling opportunities can help your movie theater boost its revenue and profits. Consider these ideas to boost your sales and make your theater more exciting for guests.